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The IPHF held our second International Conference at Bashu Primary School, Chongqing, China. This followed a theme of Excellent and Outstanding Schools in an International Context. The conference was a great success and thanks are offered to Presidium Member Miss. Ma Hong for hosting the conference and all the staff from Bashu Primary School for making us so welcome.
Students from Brookside Primary School, Somerset, St. Sebastian's Primary School, Liverpool and St. Cuthbert's Primary School Liverpool also attended and took part in many activities.
These Schools also visited Yung Wing School, Zhuhai on their way home. Again great hospitality was given to their IPHF visitors.

Six Chinese and six UK schools will work in partnership throughout 2016 on a British Council project called 'Shakespeare Lives'. This celebrates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare. The schools will host visits and share work about each other's drama and culture. A very warm welcome to the IPHF for our new schools from China and the U.K. You will see more posts from these schools in the future. 
I am delighted that the Shakespeare Lives project is already bringing our member schools together. There will be two groups visiting member schools in the UK in April. They will visit Somerset and Liverpool and will receive a warm welcome. I look forward to meeting our new Chinese member schools during this visit.
Steve Sanderson CBE, President IPHF.
Two of our member schools, St. Sebastian's and St. Cuthbert's took part in an excellent production of King Lear by William Shakespeare. The children acted this play for a large audience at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. Congratulations to all the children and their teachers, Miss. Daniel and Mrs. Fleming from St. Sebastian's and Miss. Hardiman and Miss. Crilly from St. Cuthbert's. The schools made great use of the Northwest drama services ltd and Twelfth Night might be performed next year. Shakespeare truly does live in our member schools.
I would like to congratulate our Chinese Member Schools for the many performance events they have being doing and the many excellent photographs you have posted on this website. I'm looking forward to our meeting in October. Steve Sanderson CBE. President IPHF.

I'm delighted to inform IPHF Members that after consultation, the IPHF have appointed Sarah Ashford of Brookside School as a Presidium Member. Claire Axten and Zoya Emilanova will be Honory Presidium Members.
The current IPHF Presidium is Steve Sanderson CBE, President. Miss. Ma Hong Presidium Member. Mrs. Ildiko Varga, Presidium Member. Mrs. Sarah Ashford Presidium Member. Chen Yi, Secretary General. Claire Axten CBE, Honory Presidium Member. Zoya Emilanova Honory Presidium Member.

Presidium Member Ildiko Varga has now hosted a wonderful concert in Szentes, Hungary that was attended by Yung Wing School from Zhuhai, China, Brookside School from Somerset, UK and our new IPHF Romanian member school.
The concert was a great success and covered by tv, radio and newspapers. Many thanks to everyone at Deak Ferenc Altalanos Iskola for such a great experience. Also thanks to the teachers from the attending member schools who contributed so much to this great event.
A group of eight members from UK schools taking part in the Shakespeare Lives Project visited schools in Chongqing and Zhuhai in the Autumn 2016. The visit was a great success although the President, Steve Sanderson was not able to go due to illness.
The President and Presidium Members Ildiko Varga and Sarah Ashford will visit Zhuhai in early April. They will be accompanied by IPHF members Szilvia Baranyi and Sándor Varga.
Presidium Member, Miss. Ma Hong is hosting a major conference at Bashu Primary School, Chongqing called the Bashu Summit. This will be on the 10th/11th of November 2017. It will be attended by the President, Steve Sanderson and Presidium Member Sarah Ashford from Brookside School, Somerset. Jeremy Barnes, Headteacher of All Saints School, Anfield, Liverpool will also attend.

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In May,the seeds begin to sprout

In May,the seeds begin to sprout (281KB)

Two weeks later, the seeds have been sprouted

Two weeks later, the seeds have been sprouted (250KB)

Another two weeks later

Another two weeks later (267KB)


In July,the temperature is so high,so the flower is nearly dead

In July,the temperature is so high,so the flower i (198KB)

Look at the small pumpkin,we took this photo in our summer holiday in August.But unfortunately,it was very hot in Chongqing so the baby pumpkins all died.What a pity

Look at the small pumpkin,we took this photo in ou (306KB)

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doc.gif: Promoting Calendar of Shakespare project in Bashu

Promoting Calendar of Shakespare project in Bashu

Promoting Calendar of Shakespare project in Bashu
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